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Welcome to the website of the International Humanitarian Aid Projects section of KLIMAKA NGO. We are a Greek NGO specializing in projects concerning mental health, the development of human potential and the fight against social exclusion of underpriviledged groups of people. For more information on who we are click here.

This site is dedicated to our international missions. It is about the various countries we run or have run projects at and a place where you may learn about the plight of people in their own countries, torn by either war or natural disaster.

Message for 2009

 In mid 2007, Klimaka NGO founded this website aiming in sharing our 5-year long experience in humanitarian and developmental work in third world countries. The International Development Cooperation Department of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs supported our missions and granted us the ability of assisting people in other countries.
 Our journey was fascinatingly full of action, difficulties, danger, colors, tastes and human stories from a different world.
 Our experience is big, proportional to our efforts and mainly to the satisfaction we felt when each and every project was completed successfully.
 Sharing this experience through this website has become a reality as at present time more than a thousand unique visitors from 38 countries in 4 continents have browsed our pages.
 For 2009, we wish this website to continue being a mean of communication with you, the visitors.
 Soon, a new educational service will be launched. This service will be based on scientific knowledge but it will not address only scientists.
 The invitation for your participation is open, criticism is welcomed and communication is necessary.

Dr Kyriakos Katsadoros, President of the Board

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