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Hellenic Aid

Hellenic Aid or International Development Cooperation Department (YDAS) was established in 1999 and it is the newest Directorate General of the Ministry of Foreign. The main responsibilities of the International Development Cooperation Department, within the framework of development diplomacy, include:

- Handling of all development assistance funding provided by the state budget, as well as all the funding from ministries, organizations, and public and private agencies within the country and abroad.
- Monitoring and facilitating development programmes/projects carried out by public agencies, universities, NGOs and other civil society organizations.
- Collecting, processing and sending to the OECDs Development Aid Committee (DAC) statistical data on the provision of development assistance.
- Monitoring meetings of the Working Groups and Networks of the DAC and the EU.
- Submitting proposals to the Committee for the Organisation and Coordination of International Economic Relations with regard to the future planning of development policy for priority countries, with the objective of maximising the positive results from the implementation of viable programmes.
- Funding emergency humanitarian aid actions and programmes, restructuring and development programmes/projects, as well as development education and information regarding the promotion of voluntary work in Greece and developing countries.
- Supporting Greek participation in ECHO and EUROPE-AID programmes, as well as in programmes of the EU and other UN International Development Organizations.

Click here to visit the official site of Hellenic Aid

Click here to visit the page of Hellenic Aid at the website of the Ministry of Foreing Affairs of the Hellenic Republic

Klimaka NGO's projects abroad are run under the auspices of Hellenic Aid/YDAS.

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