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 Non-Government Organization for the Development of Social and Human Potential

Klimaka NGO

Today, Klimaka NGO operates mental health units such as mental health homes and residencies, protected residencies, mental health mobile units and day care centers. Based upon specialized mental health services, Klimaka NGO develops actions to prevent social exclusion, which vulnerable groups of population suffer from.

Our philosophy: We believe in Man and in his right to have a quality of life over and beyond any discrimination, which creates and maintains inequalities.
We defend the basic rights of individuals and groups, who frequently lack basic goods and services.

We create opportunities the socially excluded groups to be included to the social structure, through projects, in which these groups participate in an active way and not just by receiving help and services.
We care for people with mental health issues, people with cultural differences, homeless people, women victims of trafficking, asylum applicants, refugees, home violence victims, victims of natural disasters or conflicts, drug users and people with serious social issues.

We include people from the above groups in our work force.Today 30% of Klimaka NGO's staff comes from them and our aim is to increase it.

Learn more about our projects in Greece by visiting the main page (greek only).
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