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Why Afghanistan?

Afghanistan has suffered more than two decades of conflict and unrest, coupled with extreme weather phenomena (droughts, earthquakes etc) prompting the UN to call it "the world's greatest humanitarian disaster".

Bearing in mind that it now offers fertile ground for development, we implemented a programme, supported by the Hellenic International Development Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, providing assistance in the health sector.

How we started

Klimaka's first project in Afghanistan started in early 2003 and it was based in the city of Ghazni, 120km south from Kabul.

Based on that experience, Klimaka NGO wanted to return to Afghanistan and offer its services at a more centralized level, by assisting the Mental Health Dept of the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan.

In order to read about the 2003 project, please click here.

"Why water is a luxury good"
by N.Patelis, Kabul
The future

Klimaka NGO would like to continue providing help in capacity building, training and other health related issues in the future.
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