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Photos from the project
Photos from the 3-day workshop on active learning img_1528.jpg
img_1565.jpg img_1524.jpg img_1542.jpg
Group photo from the Psychiatric Hospital of Kabul
Group photo from the Ministry of Public Health
Photos from our campaing on World Mental Health Day, Oct.10th
img_2248.jpg img_2249.jpg img_2252.jpg img_2253.jpg
img_2245.jpg img_2244.jpg
Photos from the main phase of our tele-education program for psychiatrists img_2292.jpg img_2299.jpg img_2301.jpg
img_2305.jpg img_2287.jpg img_2307.jpg
Photos of delivering various donations
Photos from the renovation of Neuropsychiatric Dept. of Ali-Abad Hospital
postcards from the field

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