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The 2005 project in Afghanistan

The project in Kabul started in early 2005.

What were the aims

Initially, the aims of this project are...

  • Assisting and supporting the Department of Mental Health (Afghan Ministry of Public Health) in every possible way
  • Suggesting strategies and preparing policy papers according to the international guidelines
  • Capacity building programs (eg "Trainers' training program") & other training programs
  • Publication of specialized psychiatric manual in Dari
  • Stigma combating actions
  • Donations of specialized books, equipment & medical materials
  • Renovation of facilities
  • other minor aims

What we have done

In December 2005, the vast majority of our projects were successfully completed. Here's a list of some of our achievements, during the year.

  • Completed "Trainers' training program"
  • A psychiatric manual in Dari was published
  • The library of the Psychiatric Hospital of Kabul was enriched with new textbooks
  • The facilities of the Neuropsychiatric Dep. of Ali-Abad University Hospital were renovated
  • The facilities of the Kabul PSychiatric Hospital were renovated
  • Klimaka NGO was part of the Mental Health Task Force of MoPH, assisting & supporting its actions
  • Stigma combating campaign launched (incl. television broadcasting, leaflets and posters)

Not all our actions are included in this list, but all of our work was completed thanks to our determination, help from Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan and the interest that our colleagues (and friends) showed to our plans.

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