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 During the 2005 project in Kabul, Klimaka NGO introduced adistance learning course for psychiatrists.

 In the past Klimaka had used a system of tele-medicine, linking the central offices with all our facilities in Greece. During the session, the patient and the attending psychiatrist can talk and watch each other in real time.

 Slightly different and more difficult was the task of linking Klimaka's central offices with the teaching facilities in Kabul.

 The lack of infrastructure from the Afghan side was the hardest problem to solve. Insufficient bandwidth of internet connection, recurrent electricity black-outs and lack of a permanent teaching site were the hardles that Klimaka had to overpass in order to deliver the real-time contact between greek and afghan specialists.

 Two desktop computers, two laptops and one projector were the only equipment used. The two desktops were installed in Klimaka's central offices and the rest of equipment was installed in Kabul. On the greek side the trainner and an IT specialist were enough to go through the presentation. On the afghan side, Klimaka's representative and the trainnes had the opportuinty to watch the presentation as a projection on a wall screen and the trainner on a full-screen streaming video. The trainnes had the opportunity to ask questions or share their opinions with the trainner.

 All the software Klimaka used in these sessions was freeware, something that minimized the total cost of the trainning project.

 The experience of this first trainning programme through the internet was very important and helped us in improving the technology we use for our future projects.

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