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The Trainers

All the trainers engaged in Klimaka's training program are members of the scientific society of Greece. They are accredited psychiatrists, psychologists or with degrees closely related to health. Most of them have a long experience in training and all of them joined us in this project as volunteers, boosting with their knowledges our heavy task.

Trainers of the introductory phase
This phase started in August 2005 and it was completed 2 months later. The aim was to introduce our experience from Greece to Afghan psychiatrists in legal, deontologic and organization issues and as well to present the active teaching methods. This phase consisted of lectures and a 3-day workshop.

Ioannis Kakoulas
Clinical Psychologist,
President of Social Cooperation of the 3rd Mental Health Sector of Athens,
Ioannis Alexakis
Barrister, Legal Advisor of Klimaka
Ekaterini Sokou, PhD
Sociologist specialized in Mental & Health issues
Nikolaos Patelis
Medical Doctor, Project Coordinator of Klimaka in Afghanistan

Trainers of the main phase
The main phase of our training program for future trainers consisted of online tele-educational presentations. This is an inovative method of education and that was the first time used in Afghanistan. For more information on the technology we used, please click here.

Georgios Konstantakopoulos
Psychiatrist, Ass.Professor of Psychopathology in University of Athens
Orestis Yiotakos
Military Psychiatrist, Director of the Military Psychiatric Hospital of Athens
Theodoros Mouyiakos, PhD
Military Psychiatrist
Paraskevi Sakka, PhD
Director of Geropsychiatric Dep. of "Hygeia" General Hospital,
President of the Hellenic Association for Alzheimer Disease
Konstantinos Nikolaou, PhD
Konstantinos Prouskas, PhD

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