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Training seminar for the police and local authorities

Project “HOPE”- Women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation in Albania

After a request from the Mediterranean Women’s Studies Centre (KEGME) we participated and coordinated a training seminar for 40 persons, staff of police, border police and local authorities in Albania. We focused on the after-mentioned issues:

  • brainstorming :”what is trafficking”
  • factors contributing to trafficking
  • victims’ experiences / case studies
  • identifying the victim
  • investigation of trafficking cases and investigation methodology
  • victims’ repatriation
  • preventing trafficking and the role of multi-agency cooperation.

In the framework of the seminar we had the chance to exchange experiences and opinions with the participants, who, due to their profession and the fact that Albania is one of the major origin countries of trafficking victims, have a very important role in combating the phenomenon of “modern slavery”.

The seminars took place in Tirana, Albania, on November 1st - 2nd, 2007

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