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 Non-Government Organization for the Development of Social and Human Potential

Our goals

The goals of the joint mission were set by the common administration of all the organizations.

  • Providing primary healthcare to the residents of Trincomalee and nearby villages
  • Supplying humanitarian aid (clothes, food, water, equipment, medication, toys)
  • Visiting the areas most affected by the tsunami
  • Getting familiar with the Sri Lankan culture

What have we achieved

During our stay we have tried to take care of everybody in need of medical advise or intervention. These results are for all the participating organizations onboard the "Ocean Monarch"

  • 1952 patiets were examined
  • 805 xrays were taken
  • 1500 prescriptions were given
  • Humanitarian aid was distrbuted with the help of the army to the public
  • The teams visited the villages and became familiar with the local customs

postcards from the field

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