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How we started

In late 2002, Hellenic Aid authorized the support and sponsoring of the first project in Afghanistan. That was the first step in turning our plans and ideas into reality.

"How bad good intentions are"
by A.Dimopoulos, Ghazni
The first contact we had with the people of Afghanistan was in the refugee camps. They gave us the first impression of what Afghan health care mostly needs as they knew from their personal epxerience. The next step we took was communicating with the local athorities of the Ghazni district to finalize the project, despite the fact that the communication through tlelephone and fax was nearly impossible.

After the preliminary planning, Klimaka NGO's representatives visited Kabul to make sure we have the authorization of the Afghan authorities. After long registration procedures and daily visits to various departments and authorities, the representatives leave Kabul and they visit the city of Ghazni. There they discussed the project with the local authorities and they finalized our goals.

The city of Ghazni was chosen as it is located only 120km south of the capital and in the middle of the road linking Kabul with the undeveloped south of the country. At that time, it was a city with less unrest than other provinces and its general hospital was in an acceptable state compared to other district hospitals.

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