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Why Iraq?

 The area of northern Iraq is affected, like the rest of the country, from the results of the embargo emposed on it since 1991 and the war raging in the country for years.

 From a health care perspective the population of northern Iraq is in great need, while at the same time there is a huge lack of both medical supplies and trained professionals. In the remote areas the health care provision is almost absent and the local population is unable even to reach the needed facilites as the road network is destroyed by fighting and poor maintanance.

 Additionaly, acute mental health problems appear in large number of the people, as a direct result of the stressful environment they live in (mass executions, raids etc).

 As an answer to these exceptional conditions (especially in the remote areas), Klimaka NGO, sponsored by the International Development Cooperation Department (YDAS) of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, materialised a humanitarian project. The project "Mobile Unit of Primary Health Care and Prevention" was located in northern Iraq and mainly in the city of Erbil.
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