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Why Iraq?

Iraq has been in the center of world's attention since the late 80's. After the overthrown regime of Saddam Hussein, the country has been led into a political and humanitarian crisis.

Why Northern Iraq (Kurdish Region)?

First impressions from Erbil
by L.Georgiadis, N.Iraq

When the whole of Iraq has been dragged into a civil/sectarian war, the northern part of Iraq has been comparatively stable and peaceful. The stability of the Iraqi Kurdish Region region and the cooperation of its leaders and scientific society allowed Klimaka NGO to plan and realize its projects with a relative safety and the perspective of prolonged positive outcome.

How we started

Klimaka NGO had completed its first mission in Erbil in 2005. The region, the people and the difficulties were well known.

Based on that experience, Klimaka NGO wanted to return to Iraq and again offer its assistance in mental health care.

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