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About the mission

In December 2004, a tsunami generated by the earthquake in Indonesia, on the other side of the Indian ocean, destroyed the villages along the coastline of Sri Lanka. This destruction did not include only residential areas but in many cases also included public buildings as hospitals etc. Whatever infrastructure existed in those areas was destroyed as well. The conflict between the government and the Tamil tigers has created a two-zone country, something that created additional problems in helping the victims of the tsunami.

How we responded

Klimaka NGO responded to the need of healthcare professionals. Despite the fact that almost a month has passed since the tsunami hit the island, the need for help from abroad had not siezed. Klimaka NGO send a team of medical staff along other greek govermental or non-govermental organizations. All the following organizations, under the auspice of Hellenic Aid leased "Ocean Monarch".

  • Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Hellenic Ministry of Health
  • Hellenic Ministry of Defense
  • Klimaka NGO
  • Hellenic Red Cross
  • Solidarity NGO
  • Doctors of the World NGO
  • "Kessa Dimitra" NGO
  • Many greek citizens and companies

The mission

Our team started its journey by sea from the Piraeus port, through the Suez channel and into the Indian ocean. The journey lasted 15 days and the teams were busy converting the empty ship into a fully equipped hospital.They arrived at the naval base of Trincomalee on January 21st, 2005 and they worked in the area until March 12th, 2005

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