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Trafficking of Nigerian women in Greece

The past 15 years there has been an gradual increase of human trafficking victims in Greece, especially of women, for sexual exploitation. During the 90s, the vast majority of victims of sex trafficking originated from Eastern European countries. Since the turn of the century, though, more and more women from Africa, especially Nigeria, are being trafficked to Greece.

The form and techniques used to bind and sexually exploitate these women are so complicated and culture-specific, that the term Nigerian Trafficking has been coined. This has led HT experts to recognise that procedures and approaches useful for other women, are simply not effective when working with possible Nigerian victims.

In the Program for the Support of Women Victims of Violence and Human Trafficking, we have witnessed step by step the only two trials of Nigerian traffickers and victims that have taken place in Greece, both with severe convictions.

Therefore, Nigeria has been the country of choice for 2007-2008 Prevention Action of the Program for the Support of Women Victims of Violence and Human Trafficking

In cooperation with our partner NGO SWAAN, the prevention project will include the production of an informational dvd on Nigerian Trafficking in Greece and a Seminar in Nigeria on the same issue. The participants of the seminar (representatives of about 60 local organizations) will also receive a copy of the dvd, to use in their own field projects, when related to our target group (young women, with an interest to work abroad).

More information on SWAAN

Telephone: 08033311474, 08055352663
Email: swaanigeria@yahoo.com, funmidotj@yahoo.com
Address: 12, Rasaq Balogun Street, off Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Suru-Lere, Lagos.

The Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, Nigeria (SWAAN) is a non- profit, non-political and non-governmental organization and a country branch of the Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, (SWAA International). SWAA, International, a pioneering Pan–African Women’s Organisation was founded in 1988. With 40 country branches in Africa, SWAA’s mission is to advocate on behalf of women, children and families in the fight against HIV/AIDS, to empower women, sex workers and in-school youths, to prevent and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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