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The 2003 project in Afghanistan

The project in Kabul was planned in late 2002 and the first representatives arrived in Kabul in February 2003.

What were the aims

The aims of this project were the following.

  • Founding of a trainning school in the Ghazni Hospital
  • Immediate introduction of short tranning course for healthcare personnel coming from the Ghazni prefecture
  • Organizing 8-week trainning courses for healthcare personnel from the city of Ghazni
  • Ensuring the continuation of the trainning after the end of the project
  • Additionaly, Klimaka NGO gave special attention in including female personnel in all the courses

What was finally done

We were proud we have achieve all our goals by the end of the project despite the difficulties we encountered. Here is a short list of some of our actions.

  • The trainning center was founded and upon our departure it was fully equiped.
  • The short trainning course was completed. Females participated in 30% of all the trainnes despite the fact that we had to fully accomodate them and their escorts in our facilities. The female healthcare workers had to be escorted by males of their family as this is the only way an afghan woman is allowed to travel.
  • Two 8-week courses were completed and 50% of the trainnes were women.
  • The facilities of the Neuropsychiatric Dep. of Ali-Abad University Hospital were renovated
  • The continuation of the program was ensured not only by the founded center and the equipment, but also by the know-how and the experience we gave to the Ghazni Hospital staff.
  • Our team had the opportunity to estimate the need of the country for mental health services. This was the reference for a future project
  • Out team helped in any other possible way, e.g. our jeep has transfered patients when the ambulances were absent.

The fact that our project was realized in the province and not in the capital (like 99% of the NGO projects) attracted the attention and the positive comments of the local population, that often sees all efforts being focused in Kabul. That resulted in a sincere friendship with the afghan people and better results, despite the huge logistical problems.

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