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The 2005 project in Iraq

What were we aiming at?

 The main aim of the project was the provision of emergency medical and pharmaceutical assistance to the people of the mountaineous locations of Erbil province. This was materialized through a "mobile unit for primary care and prevention".

 Apart from the direct outcome in improving the health care of the local population, our project had a developmental side, as it promoted the cooperation with the local authorities in building a primary health care system and in studentsŐ training in primary care.

What we have achieved

 Our mobile unit, manned by health professionals from Northern Iraq and Klimaka NGO, provided its services to 18 mountaineous and remote villages in the Soran area of Northern Iraq.

 Some numbers:

  • 1500 patients were examined and received pharmaceutical or other therapy.
  • When necessary, patients were referred to the local hospital in Erbil.
  • Medication and other supplies were donated to the Ministry of Health (Autonomous Kurdish Region).
  • Local health professionals received further education on disease prevention, health education and mental healthcare in the primary care.
  • A mental-disease stigma combating campaign took place.
  • Volunteers have been trained and a volunteer center was created.
  • A network of organizations and institutes was created aiming to upgrade the health care services nationwide.
  • Two scientific papers were authored by local professionals and the team of Klimaka NGO. They were both presented at the 10th International Congress of Psychiatry (Athens, March 12-15, 2005)
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