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The 2006 project in Iraq

What were we aiming at?

The target of this project was...

  • To support the educational procedure on mental health of the medical/nursing students.
  • To inform doctors on mental health issues that are common in their practise.
  • To support the Center of Rehabilitation for Torture Victims in Kirkuk.
  • To raise awareness of the local society on mental health issues through leaflets and other educational material.
  • Stigma combating actions
  • Donations of materials that support the work of mental health professionals.
  • To bring together all health professionals and inform them on the importance of mental health.
  • To train health professionals on the use of the Internet and medical tools online.

What we have done

Upon completion of the mission and despite big complications related to safety and infrastructure, all our targets were succesfully met. Additionaly our team has managed to...

  • Translate psychiatric and other material into the local language.
  • In cooperation with the Nursing School of Erbil, nursing students have been educated in mental issues, thorugh presentations and workshops.
  • A satellite connection was established between the Hospital of Erbil and Klimaka NGO's central offices, with the view of continuous training after our team's departure.
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