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Cooperation in Serbia

2007 has been a year of intensifying our cooperation with organizations in Serbia.

Training Seminars in Human Trafficking in Serbia

In May 2007, the Shelter’s scientific personnel participated as lecturers in the Training Seminars in Human Trafficking for Serbian Police Officers. The seminars were organized and executed by the Greek department of the International Police Association (I.P.A.) with the collaboration of the de novo Serbian department.

The general title of the presentations was “Best Practices on Cross-Border Coordination Mechanisms for Promoting Security and Rehabilitation of Trafficked Women” and the sessions took place in (21/05/07) , Subotica (23/05/07) and Belgrade (25/05/07).

Participation in Round Table on Stardards of services for trafficked victims (ASTRA & OSCE)

Maintaining our focus in continuously monitoring and developping the effectiveness and quality of the services offered in the Shelter, it was a priority for us to participate in this initiative. We consider expanding and exchanging considerations, practices and solutions an integral part of all those involved in victim support.

The sessions focused on defining and dealing with challenges and on setting standards for services and interventions on the issues of: safety, compliance, human rights protection, victim’s right in decision making, personal empowerment over imposed security, practical matters of running a shelter, entry requirements, victims with special needs and/or psychopathology or addiction, alternative forms of sheltering, education, relocation, protection and support through court procedures, compensations, supervision and evaluation, confidentiality, professionals’ specialised training.

The round table theme was “Working with victims of trafficking in human beings: Standards of assistance and alternative measures”, and it took place in Belgrade on June 7th, 2007. It was jointly organized by the Serbian NGO ASTRA Anti-trafficking Action and O.S.C.E. (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe).

The participants were NGOs, local authorities and govermental institutions from Serbia & Montenegro, Moldova, Ukraine, FYROM, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Italy and the USA.


In June 2007, ASTRA and KLIMAKA signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, committing in their intention to work closely on the prevention of Human Trafficking of Serbian women and girls. The Memorandum resulted from a year long cooperation in assisting repatriated victims and is based on the mutual appreciation of each partner’s expertise and professionalism.

Immediately upon approval from the Hellenic Aid of the 2008 project submitted by KLIMAKA (Shelter in Greece and Prevention in Serbia), the two partners will jointly form and execute the prevention campaign in Serbia.

The Greek Ambassador in Belgrade and senior officers have been informed about the current functioning of the Shelter, and the partnership of ASTRA and KLIMAKA. We would like to thank the Greek Embassy for their approval of the project and for their support.


ASTRA is a non-governmental organization dedicated to eradication of all forms of trafficking in human beings, especially in women and children. For more information on ASTRA, please click here.

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