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   The majority of the training sessions and the communication between Klimaka NGO Central offices and the team in Erbil were conducted through the Internet.

   At one end, at the College of Nursing at Hawler University, this was handled by a Satellite (VSAT) Internet connection using the AM1 satellite and, in the other end, at Klimaka NGO Central Offices, by using the existing infrastructure of ADSL lines at Central Offices.
   A Virtual Prinvate Network (VPN) was constructed involving a computer at Klimaka NGO Central Offices and the two computers used at the College of Nursing. In that way the I. T. specialist of Klimaka NGO was able to control connectivity, settings etc at both ends and to deliver the sessions succesfuly.
   The lectures were delivered from Klimaka NGO Central Offices, using existing computer hardware and software which allowed two-way live audio/video and data delivery. They were attended by the teaching staff and students of the College of Nursing in Erbil at premises accorded for this purpose at the College.
   The audio/video/data streams were received using the two computers mentioned, connected to the VSAT internet system, each with a separate data-projector, one for the audio/visual stream and the other for the data presentations. Relevant software allowed for the data presentations (PowerPoint) to be controlled by the speakers. At the end of each lecture the attendants were able to ask questions to and receive answers from the speaker.

   The main problem encountered in this project was the instability and wide fluctuation of bandwidth of the VSAT connection. At times, the loss of data packets was so great that connectivity was almost impossible. The signal quality seemed to be superior early in the morning, deteriorating later during the day. This restricted the allowed time the lectures had to be given at 09:00am (Erbil time) or earlier and also restricted the overall connectivity and communications between the College and Klimaka NGO Central Offices.

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