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Cooperation and Prevention actions in Ukraine

The cooperation of Klimaka with La Strada Ukraine concerns prevention actions of the phenomenon of trafficking in persons and developed from 2004 and on. A great number of Ukrainian women have recently fallen victim to international sex-dealers. Young women and girls are recruited to work abroad with tempting newspapers ads proposing easy money for work as waitresses, in photo modeling or domestic service. Ukraine is both a sending and transit country for trafficking in women. Women are trafficked within and outside of the country for the purposes of prostitution, domestic labor, and marriage.

  • Exchange of expertise – KLIMAKA visit in Kiev, 2005

    The cooperation began by formulating a plan of action for the joint prevention actions that took place in the following years.

  • Seminar at the Ukrainian Embassy in Athens

    KLIMAKA – Program for the Support of Women Victims of Violence and Human Trafficking and La Strada Ukraine, executed a joint informational seminar at the Ukrainian Embassy in Athens.

    Topics of the seminar: Knowledge exchange related to the phenomenon of trafficking in persons in Greece and Ukraine; The determination of treatment mechanism of the phenomenon in a governmental and non-governmental level; Presentation of the informational leaflet that Klimaka NGO and La Strada NGO jointly created.

  • Attending the seminar: The Ambassador and the Consul of the Ukraine Embassy in Athens, representatives of Klimaka NGO and La Strada NGO, representatives of Police Headquarters, and the Police Anti-trafficking Dept, lawyers from the Greek Council for Refugees and representative of Centre of Human Rights Protection.

    Therefore, Nigeria has been the country of choice for 2007-2008 Prevention Action of the Program for the Support of Women Victims of Violence and Human Trafficking

    In cooperation with our partner NGO SWAAN, the prevention project will include the production of an informational dvd on Nigerian Trafficking in Greece and a Seminar in Nigeria on the same issue. The participants of the seminar (representatives of about 60 local organizations) will also receive a copy of the dvd, to use in their own field projects, when related to our target group (young women, with an interest to work abroad).

  • Information Leaflet in Ukrainian

    The leaflet, created by the two partner NGOs was distributed in Ukraine to women – potential victims of trafficking –who are thinking of coming to Greece to work.

    It provides information on employment of the immigrants in Greece, the legal framework and the dangers they face due to the existence of trafficking networks.

    The text of the brochure is available here. At this moment the full text of the leaflet is available in Ukrainian.

  • Continuing cooperation in 2007-2008

    With La Strada Ukraine
    For the reception and support of repatriated victims of trafficking
    For information exchange in relation to the cross –cultural research that is conducted by Klimaka’s research team.

    With the Ukrainian embassy in Greece
    For matters related to Ukrainian women, victims of trafficking in persons and domestic violence, who were accommodated and supported at Klimaka’s shelter.

    More information on International women's rights centre "La Strada-Ukraine"

    Telephone/Fax: (380-44) 224-04-46
    Email: lastrada@ukrpack.net

    The "La Strada-Ukraine" was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in March 1998. Its activity is centered on combating trafficking in women, supporting trafficked persons, raising public awareness, drawing attention of governmental institutions to trafficking of women as a form of human rights violation.

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