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New educational project

   "Klimaka" NGO announces the launch of a new project under the name "Continuous education for mental health professionals". This project will be based on the distribution of educational podcasts and webcasts free of charge through our website.
   The material will address issues of modern psychiatry, psychology and social issues related to mental health. All podcasts will be professionally recorded in two languages – english and greek. All post-processing, translation and recording of submited materials will be done by Klimaka NGO’s staff.

   The aim of this project is to provide education on-the-go, easily accessible by professionals who cannot find free time for educational purposes. The podcasts/webcasts will be downloaded to devices such as ipods or mobile phones and be freely distributed. They can be used while waiting in a cue or commuting. In that way the otherwise lost time can be used in a productive way.

   We invite any interested party/author to contribute voluntarily to this project.. For more information,on this project, please contact Dr N.Patelis.

Submit your CV

If you would like to work with us, please click the link below. Then fill in the form and attach your CV (Word document or PDF). Our representative will contact within a few days.


Please note that we accept applications by email or mail. See the "Contact us" page for more details. We strongly prefer the electronic form for your application.

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